Rhino7 - Transparency on solid hatches?

I was wondering if there’s an easy way to create a transparent solid hatch?

As of now, I can only create transparency through gradient hatch types.
And as a workaround, set both start and end stops to the same color and transparency.
…and it seems that is the only way to determine hatch color also - if it’s different from the layer color.

Could the color determining options be enabled for the Solid type of hatches as well?

Hi Toni -

No, you can make a regular solid hatch and then either change the layer color to have transparency or set the display color to a “other” color with transparency.


Aaa… Now I got, thank you!
I got distracted by the new UI - makes sense.

Hi All - in V7, colors can have alpha values in hatches apart from the layer color- just edit the object display color for a solid hatch in Properties -



this also works in gradient hatches if you edit the colors inside the hatch controls, though the workflow is a little convoluted.


@Toni_Osterlund in an upcoming v7 service release we’ll have the ability to adjust the transparency from the new UI to make this easier.