Solid hatch with transparency?

I see that gradient hatches support transparency now, but what about solid hatches with transparency?
How do I enable transparency for a solid hatch without gradient?

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Hi - you change the layer color for the hatch to one with transparency:


Or object color

Nice! Transparent colors for layers.
It should also be by object color as @stevebaer is saying. Why create a separate layer for hatches that have transparency?

But when i look at object color for hatches I don’t have alpha.

That’s a bug then. The color picker UI needs to be told that it should show controls for setting transparency under this condition. @wim do you know if this issue has been reported?

I’ll check and, if not, make a report, @stevebaer.

Added as RH-58470


Some comments on this nice new features (better late than never):

  • Could the scene please update immediately when these dots are moved in the Color Dialog, not just after the dialog is closed? It’s pretty inconvenient when fine-tuning colors to have to close it after every change. Ideally even when the mouse button is still down. You know what I mean: drag the dot, hold MMB, watch the scene update in realtime.

  • Could the Color dialog be non-modal? Meaning viewport navigation should be possible during a color picking session.


  • The dot on the transparency slider is pretty small. Hard to see when over the checkerboard pattern. Could it be a little bigger, please? Like bigger than the bar it sits on? Goes for all the dots, then.
    That’s Affinity Photo’s sliders as an example:

  • In HSV and HSL color wheel mode, the color picker dot is smaller than the transparency dot, and also smaller than in the other modes. Also, it’s midpoint is slightly misaligned when on the right side.
    Yeah, I’m a nitpicky bastard… (been educated as a graphic designer, too).

screenshot Color Dialog

Thanks a lot!
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It would be nice to be able to save somehow my favorite set of colors, as a custom color swatch

Agreed. Something about the process of adjusting hatch colour and transparency seems off. I really feel like colour & transparency selection should somehow happen under the hatch properties tab now that the gradient option exists there.

I spent a fair while trying to locate the new transparent hatch feature only to eventually resort to here and discover that it’s controlled under the layer colour selector (which is a fantastic new feature in itself by the way!) - However, I really thought hatch transparency would be a separate thing.

This is a huge deal and if it’s simple to implement, please do it… Time is money!

Agreed! Searched myself recently in the hatch properties for that transparency slider, where it belongs. Makes no sense to create a layer for each hatch that should be transparent, and neither does fumbling with the gradient mode of the hatch to get transparency in a hacky way.

(edit) The ‘Solid’ mode should only show a single color.



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