Hatch object including outline and solid background

It would be so useful if Rhino could provide hatches, that include a outline (in a specific width/color) and a solid background as specified in the screenshot attached.

This function is native in Archicad or Autocad…

While waiting for a unified solution, you can:

Make a line hatch, copy it in place and change the hatch pattern of the copy to solid, then dup border of one or the other hatches. Make any changes to the line weight of the border and the color of the hatches - you can even make the solid hatch semi-transparent in V7 - and then group the objects.

Yes, it’s several steps, but at least you can get to the end result you want right now.

That is what we do currently…

Thumbs up for a good solution soon…

Hi Matthias - this is how Hatch looks in V8/WIP at the moment.

That should cut down the steps - backfill includes transparency if needed. Missing, for you, I guess, is independent control of the border.


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Looks good…

So the “Show Boundary” option is allowing to display the circumfering outline already?

If yes… this is incredible useful.

It would be perfect if the boundary could be specified with a separate color and print width… preferably via the layer (by layer option).

Currently, in Rhino 7, we create and modify lines and fills separately (except point modification)…

Pascal, would that (outline specification) still be something for Rhino 8?