Rhino7: Lag and linework repeating/ghosting

Guys, I’ve been experiencing unbearable lag and graphic ghosting in 2D view. It’s a simple linework drawing, but Rhino7 is virtually unusable. Is this affecting anyone else?

Running Rhino7 on Windows 10: RTX 2060, 32GB RAM.

Run systemInfo and post the results here…

Here you go:

rhino_systeminfo.txt (2.3 KB)

Hmm, that looks in order, the bigger brains will have to check, it’s certainly not something everyone is seeing…you have 2 monitors, what resolution are they?

Hi -
I wouldn’t think that it’d make a difference, but have you tried with Lumion LiveSync disabled?
Has Rhino 7 behaved like this for a long time on your machine? Trying to read between the lines, are you saying that Rhino 6 behaves differently?

I recently updated my Windows OS on my machine and I see that you are running a newer version than what I’m running. We have seen Windows updates cause problems with the GPU drivers. You could try to completely uninstall the drivers and install the newest version from the NVIDIA site.