Rhino 7 issues

Hi Everyone,

So iv just got my Rhino 7 upgrade and have noticed a serious lag in the copy paste command vs what i was experiencing with version 5. Is this a known issue with current release?

My PC specs are as follows:
Intel core i7-4702MQ @ 2.2GHz
32GB of Ram
Nvidia GEFORCE 750m Graphics card.
Windows 8.1

I have been running version 5 on this machine for a few years and it still runs quite smooth in comparison to what i am seeing with version 7. Can anyone advise a solution.

As a secondary issue i seem to be unable to render using V-Ray on version 7 without Rhino completely crashing. I have logged this with chaos group but was wondering if anyone else is seeing these issues?

Thank you all in advance.


Hi Daniel - yep the laggy paste is indeed known.



Hi Pascal,
Thank you for sharing the link.

Hopefully a fix is on the horizon for the frequent crashes while using V-Ray.