Rhino 5 lags when trying to draw a line

Hi guys I have Rhino 5 (64bit Educational) and recently it started to be wanky. Basically whenever I try to draw a line it feels slow, like if I had a huge model in there, but the file is new. It works perfectly in Safe Mode. My computer is powerful 24GB, i7, GTX780. In orbitiong it’s fine, but when i select LINE it lags terribly. How can I fix it?

Hi Orloff - what plug-ins are you running that do not ship and install with Rhino?


Any chance it has a linetype other than continuous assigned to the object or the layer?

Hi Pascal I use Maxwell and Grasshopper

Hi Orloff, I’d block/disable these in Options > Plug-ins page then restart Rhino - if it is any better, enable one and repeat… to isolate the plug-in, assuming it is one, that is causing the problem.


Hi, I have no idea,
In WIREFRAME it’s fine, but when I go to shadow mode it’s laggy as hell.
I changed the WIREFRAME (display pipeline assignment) from OpenGL to Windows and it got better (it affected shaded mode), but it’s still laggy. My computer is actually struggling to move the line cursor. When I restart my PC, for few minutes it works fine and then it fu*ks up.

Hi, the same(((
I think I might reinstall the whole program

Those aren’t the symptoms a reinstall are likely to fix.

I don’t see if it’s win7 or win10, so, fyi I’m on a cheap Intel card & get slowed on some operations w/4Gb dual-core on a laptop, to me it seems they did improve the graphics in win10.

Hi John,
You were right, reinstalling didn’t help.
I’ve updated all of my drivers, and that didn’t help either.
I was watching a video on the same screen and I’ve noticed that Rhino had an effect on it too, coz the frame rate of that video was bad too, whenever I tried to draw a line. So I opened the TASK MANAGER, and looked at programs that used most CPU and RAM, and my CPU usage was 55%, 15% Rhino, 5% other and 25% was used by these 2 programs Microsoft Debug something (forgot the name), and one other, so I closed them and it fixed everything.
So yeah everything works fine now, thanx for ur help

I don’t have a Microsoft Debug… process running when my Rhino V5 is open.
The only one is see is the Microsoft Windows Search Indexer and I expect to see it.

If this comes back, please take a screenshot of your Task Manager to identify these processes.

Hi John, it did come up again. Here it is

Do a quick Google search on “machine debug manager” - it’s a real Windows component but might have been hijacked by an infection of malware on your computer… Some say having to do with some online games or perhaps bitcoins… Maybe do some investigation and housecleaning…


Thank you