Rhino6 startup very slow - what happened?

After some recent release Rhino has become extremely slow to fire up. (I’m guessing from r 6.10 or 6.11, don’t remember though). This is a huge problem for my batch jobs.

I tried to uncheck a number of Rhino-plugins which I typically do not use, but no big difference.

I takes between 12 and 20 seconds to start up om my i7, 3930, 3.2GHz/32Gb machine with an EVO 860 system disk. What happened?

Any remote connections during startup to retrieve user info when running batch jobs is a disaster as well.

Is this problem on the development radar? I need Rhino as a “processing unit” but it’s usefulness for this end has not been improving lately…

// Rolf

Hi Rolf - what do you mean by ‘batch jobs’? Are you running a script to launch Rhino and do something? Is the license local or on the cloud-zoo?


The license is on the cloud zoo.

The slowness is equally bad when opening manually and with script.

// Rolf

Hm - startup is about 8 seconds or so, here… With a cloud-zoo license as well.

Is SafeMode noticeably faster?


After restart SafeMode takes 12 seconds and regular Rhino takes 29 sec.

Starting Rhino a second time now takes ~9 sec and 7 sec for SafeMode. So suddenly it starts up a bit faster again.

However, 9 seconds is still quite slow, although I can live with that at least for manual starts. But batch work takes forever with such startup times.

I guess I will have to try make the account local again to see if that’s faster.

// Rolf

I am having similar problems. Don’t have too much time to troubleshoot, but I’m definitely interested in a solution. Thanks!

My slow startup issues just resolved when I updated from windows 10 1803 to the new windows 10 1909. Not sure if the older OS was the issue or something else, but I thought I’d pass on my experiences.