Rhino 7 slow to start

I’m finding Rhino 7 to take a really long time to start, sometimes several minutes or more. Nothing seems to happen at all and then all of a sudden it pops up. Curiously, once it has been loaded up recently, it opens in the expected time frame. Any idea what might be causing this?


Hi Sam - any non-default plug-ins we can start pointing the finger at?


Just my own, but it has never caused a problem in any previous versions of rhino, and it doesn’t try to contact a license server or anything like that.

I guess the first thing to try is blocking these, and closing and restarting Rhino…


I disabled my plugin (only non default plugin), restarted my computer, waited for it to be running nicely, then opened rhino, took 3 minutes to open. I closed it and reopened and it did so in a few seconds.

Hi Sam - if the splash screen is visible, it should tell you what it is doing:

Anything of interest there?


Splash screen doesn’t come up until right before it loads. Nothing happens for quite a while.

Hi Sam -
Does it start faster if you start it in safe mode?

Still same issue with safe mode.

Last night it started fast. But back to the delay this morning. Identical approach: restart computer, wait till things are settled down, and load rhino.

And as I mentioned before, when it is slow to load, I can close it and reopen and it opens right away. Makes me think some kind of license server issue…