Rhino 64bit takes AGES to start

Hi, I just purchased a new laptop, pretty high spec, after installing rhino on it it seem to take forever to start up maybe like 3 or 4 minutes after opening a file. On my home PC rhino works fine and starts up almost instantly…

If anyone can share some light on this I’d be grateful because its really slowing my work down


I bet it’s a plugin… watch the lower left corner of the splash screen as Rhino starts. Does it hang when a specific plugin is loading?

Thanks for the suggestion, but I haven’t installed any plug ins and also it doesn’t take ages to load up at the loading screen, that part is pretty instant, its just clicking the icon nothing happens until a few minutes after

Hi Cormac- can you start in Safe Mode (Rhinoceros 5 (x64) in SafeMode, from the Start menu on Windows 8. Also, does Rhino 5 32 bit have the same delay?


H, yes it seems to work as normal in safe mode, i.e. opens instantly, and I don’t have the 32bit version installed it seems


Hi Cormac, another test - find the Rhino.exe in the installation folder (“C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System\Rhino.exe”) , right click on it and choose ‘Open’… does that start quickly as well?


No it seems to be as slow as using the shortcut


Grasping at straws here: could there be an issue with Rhino trying to find something on the internet or a local net that the computer isn’t connected too?

Anyone else have any other suggestions? It’s literally so frustrating and makes my work load 10 times harder


Hi Cormac- I do not have a good idea at the moment- I think AIW’s suggestion about a network might be worth a look - does the thing behave any differently if you disconnect from the network and internet?
We’re pretty short handed this week with a lot of developers out but I’ll ask one of the developers for an idea - we should be able to sort this out.

@JohnM, do you have an idea?


Doesn’t seem to, but thanks appreciate any help!

I don’t think that disconnecting from the network would be a helpful way of diagnosing this issue, since if it were the cause, Rhino would already be thinking the network is disconnected.
As I view the possible cause, Cormac would be trying to run Rhino with the expectation that no network connection is needed, but in fact something in Rhino, unknown to him, is trying to find a file on a network but can’t. What would that be? License? .rui? plugin(s)? ??? What would Mr. Rhino be looking for that he would continue without an error message after a timeout?

@cormac, please start Rhino, and run testEnableDebugLogging. Set Enable=Yes and SaveTo=File. Close and reopen Rhino, and once open, look in your Documents folder for a file called


Send that file … we should be able to see where the lag is. You can post the file here, or in a private message, or to tech@mcneel.com (att’n: Pascal)


Hi, sorry for the late reply, being really busy. Here is the file, however weirdly it seems to start now better (still slow) but slightly quicker possibly? The only change I have made is I let windows install updates.RhinoDebugMessages.txt (77 Bytes)

But if you could have a look and let me know if you’ll see anything anyway? I’ll keep doing some experiments and report back in a bit


Hi cormac- thanks… sorry, can you try that process again? there is almost nothing in the text file - just one line - there should be a little before that line and tons after it…


Hi, the weird thing is now after another restart this morning it now opens as normal - I have no issues with it! The only thing I did was install some updates from Windows? But thanks a lot for your help, I’ll keep seeing this week if it starts to happen again and then post back