Rhino6 I won't print to PDF

I have Rhino6 and i can’t print to PDF. On rhino5 i used adobe no problems other than i had to max out the quality to get a respectable print resolution. With Rhino 6 there is a couple of problems. Most importantly i can’t print with Adobe or PDFcreator because it crashes rhino6. Also in the image preview it doesn’t show what i have in paper space but shows wireframe so my assumption is that even if it did print it wouldn’t print what is visible in paper space. I did get a error log with Adobe which i’ve pasted here:

%%[ Error: syntaxerror; OffendingCommand: --nostringval-- ]%%
%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
%%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%

At this point there seems to be so many bugs that i can’t use rhino6 for actual work. The bugs are for functions that worked fine with Rhino5.

Thanks, David

Are you using the latest service release (6.6)? This should be fixed in the latest Sr so I want to make sure you are up to date.

I just installed the latest version 6.6 and my adobe no longer crashes and i can actually print a pdf. However i can’t seem to print what i see in paper space. For example in paper i normally have a custom display mode i created which is similar to shaded but more crisp which in Rhino5 results in a much more clear print out on paper. When i try to print now from adobe the image is in wire frame. As a test i did one detail in my custom display mode, 1 in shade, 1 in arctic and 1 in wireframe. What prined some wireframe not from wire frame and a big black square. I uploaded the result as well as a screen clipping so you can see what didn’t print.Rhino 6 - Screen Clipping (as PDF).pdf (113.9 KB)
test2 to delete.pdf (75.2 KB)

If you get hide the detail with the “arctic” display mode, does the print come out correct (excluding the arctic detail of course)?

took arctic out and only wire frames show even if the detail view wasn’t wire frame.

If you can send me the 3dm model, I’ll try to repeat this on my computer. If I can repeat the bug, I can usually fix it pretty quick.

Thanks Steve!Project-18.113, Josh Lapp, - SOFA SURROUND -, June 26 18.3dm (1.5 MB)