Rhino 6 Crashes When trying to print as a pdf with lines over a jpg

as of the latest update (5/15/2018) Rhino 6 crashes when ever I try to print my layout as a pdf with lines over a jpg. The program starts a progress bar, but before anything can happen rhino crashes leaving the pdf unfinished printing.

Which PDF printer are you using ?

I’ve tried Adobe PDF Printer and PDF995

Well, there are recent reports of known crashes with Adobe PDF, but I don’t know about PDF 995. Can you see if Rhino’s native PDF printer works without crashing?

ok let me see here

Rhino’s native pdf printer printed successfully without crashing, however, it did not maintain the line weights that I assigned correctly.

Hi Julie - can you send us the file? (tech@mcneel.com)



ok hold on.

Ok I sent it

I can confirm that @piem’s file from the other thread mentioned above also crashes both PDF995 and CutePDF…