Rhino WIP file is corrupted after updating WIP


I have the following issue:

2022_12_19_Rossiniere.zip (10.7 MB)

Can someone try to open this file and save it Rhino 7?
I have no clue how to get file into readable Rhino format.

Thank you,

I get the same error and all I see are three lights.

Hi @Petras_Vestartas
You can try @gankeyu’s nifty converter and see if that’ll convert from 8 to 7 with any of the needed data intact. It converts without opening the file, so it might be worth a shot.
HTH, Jakob

Thanks @martinsiegrist @Normand

It seems file is completely corrupted, no idea why.
But I managed to recover work from the previous day. Phew…

Hi Petras - you may be able to get the basic geometry back with Rescue3dmFile but my guess is there may be a lot of material and lighting wirk lost - what I see here is probably not more than some imported stuff.