Rhino WIP fancy and explosive update

I’ve had an issue when updating Rhinoceros this morning.

At the middle of its installation process, the update software told it had “not sufficient privileges” to actually install something in C:\Program Files… The progress bar stalled, so I’ve hit the close button at the top of the install window (I already knew this was a bad idea but I was in a hurry).

Then the same alert window about privileges popped-up several times again. I checked in the windows task manager and the installer software was still active, though no install window was showing up.

After I killed that process, I found the Rhino WIP\System folder empty and inaccessible (I had no right to open it).

I hope it’s just me, or there is something you guys could do to make the update process less painful :slight_smile:

Hi Alexandre - have you run into this again in any of the updates?


I’ve just updated the software this morning ; it worked all fine this time !