WIP 7 update excitement

WIP 7 update excitement

Upon opening existing install:

Update is available want to install it?


Program closes

Message – an update is available – want to install it?

Well, I’ve already said yes, but closing the program seems to trigger this 2nd message…

“This system is not supported requires windows 8 or something…”

(I’m running the latest update of win10 pro)

Close this dialog

Something else I cant remember – ignore it…

“No action was taken, requires a reboot”

Ignore this

“No action was taken – requires a reboot”

Ignore this for a 2nd time

Click on Rhino WIP icon on desktop, rhino opens normally with no fuss, message about expires in x days etc – all good.




so after all that, it runs fine?

Sure , it runs fine, but its hardly a smooth experience - its been like this for the last two updates.


can you clarify? what’s not smooth for you (besides the install)

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