rhino_vray // wood texture

hi guys! i want your help… i am new to vray(in rhino) and i want to create a wood panel like this in the attachment, but i don’t know how i can do it! i want each panel to be slightly different from the other so it will appear more realistic… i have to make different materials and apply them to each panel in order to achieve this?

thanks in advance
[and sorry for my english]

The short answer is yes, and it would be a lot of work–though you can buy textures from various sources that might help.

thanks for your answer!
i knew it wouldn’t be easy! :confused: do you think that i have to find many different wood textures or take one and just make changes in photoshop ?

You probably need a few different textures to start with but sure you can do variations in photoshop, and to some extent with the other render material parameters.

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I have had success applying one single large texture map to multiple & separate pieces of geometry. The key to it working well is that the UV widget registration should be exact.

The project was a keyboard and I had one large texture map for about 45 separate keys. I selected all of the keys and then applied the UV planar mapping. To make sure that my map was going to fit exactly, I did a screen capture of the keyboard, brought it into Photoshop, and used it for reference as I made my map.


You can find here. You need to create boards like the size of textures.


if you dont want to deal with complicated UV, u could just use 1 texture and alter its RGB value in Photoshop, and then use Block instances to create several type of wood that you like, and then spread it randomly with grasshopper.
I did that before in my project when dealing with this wooden platform = (I blurred the image due to file size, but u should be able to see what I mean)

I created only 3 different texture derived from 1 single texture. and then randomly placed each blocks (And alter its UV as well)

it only took me less than 10 mins, so it doesnt take too long really.

hope that helps