Uv mapping this?

Hi . Is it possible to UV this from Rhino Mac ?

I would like to render it with the wood grain texture ‘following’ the direction of each strip.

That looks like mapping by the surface UVs which is the default should work. I’d guess that you’ll need to adjust the tiling repeat separately for U and V given that they are longer in one direction. Post the 3dm file if you need more help.

Rhino for mac can UV ???

Thanks Brian. Can I send you the file privately ?

Yes, you can private message me on the forum here to uploaded or email to brian.james@mcneel.com I will take a look ASAP. If you extract a few surfaces though and post that someone else may jump in too. Make sure to send or post any image texture map you plan to use in the material as well.

I will tomorrow Saturday! Thanks so much!

Sent :wink: thanks

Hi Bruno,

The U and V directions are not the same on each surface so I’d assign a box mapping method to the polysrf instead of leaving the texture mapping at the default of surface UV. First use the Materials from the Render drop down menu to apply a wood material. Then use the command ApplyBoxMapping or display the Texture Mapping tool palette from the Window drop down menu to use the icon for it. Make it a bounding box, capped and positioned in the World coordinate space. Then use the command MappingWidget to show the box mapping widget to rotate it as you like for grain direction. MappingWidgetOff hides the mapping widget as well.

I’d also… enable the skylight with an HDR as the environment background in the Render settings, use a low powered rectangular light for a bit of a directional shadow and change the lens length to make the model appear larger.

I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot Brian! I am back from vacations. That is the reason I could not check it before.
I need to render this in KS do you know if your tips are only working on RH or the UV will keep the same in other render softwares ?

UVs will travel with any file format that can hold them. Obj format is one example but I believe KeyShot also opens 3dm files directly so the UVs ought to come through with that format too.