TriPlanar mapping Rhino

It’s possible in Rhino with VRAY to generate a TriPlanar material, but is it possible without somehow?

I want to create a plywood texture, so one texture on the XY plane and some other textures on the ZX and YZ plane. I know that I can drag a texture to a brep with some modifier to only texture a single surface, but is it possible to make a material that does it for me?

I really want to avoid having to explode my geometry because I need to produce that geometry on a CNC afterward…

Hi Morten - you can assign different materials to different faces on a polysurface - Ctrl-Shift click to select a face - does that help?

I know that is possible, but really not an option in my situation…

Is it possible to do this shift + ctrl from Grasshopper? Any API which I Can use?