Suggestions for wood texture rendering?

I’m working with Rhino6 trying to find a good wood texture for rendering. I don’t seem to know what to adjust to get a finer grain. Maybe it can’t be done, just asking. I set the wood texture in the Bump section. Default worked fairly well for a table top, but I couldn’t get the same effect in another project for a stair tread.

Hello - can you post a file with an object that has the material that you’re testing? The object can be anything…


Here are two files. The coffee table top worked well with using custom for material and wood texture for the bump. The wooden box did not seem to. I’d like to make the grain closer together on the box and more dense. Not sure if there is a way to do that. I did notice that the position of the sun had some effect. I’m new at using materials when rendering. Trying out Rhino6. Haven’t spent much time with it yet.
wooden-box.3dm (282.9 KB)
coffee-table-0918apr.3dm (814.0 KB)

Hej Joe,

Arroway has great super high resolution wood texture packs, and others, too. Each texture comes with all channels you need and Maxwell MXMs ready to use, in case you use that as a Rhino plug-in.

@Joe4 I opened your model of the coffee table and produced a quick video of how to apply a wood grain texture to your model. Besides applying the texture, I also show how to control the method that material is mapped onto the object. Here is the link to the video:

Wood Texture Map

@Lagom The Arroway site has some really nice texture packs - thanks for the link. For creating custom wood patterns, I use a program called Filter Forge found here. You can create your own wood patterns and also make them seamless textures. Filter Forge works as a Photoshop Plugin or as a stand alone program.

Some time ago, I made a video for a friend that shows how Filter Forge Wood Texture works. In case anyone is curious, you can see that video at the link below.

Filter Forge Wood Pattern

Here is a picture of a project I completed with wood maps made in Filter Forge:


Many thanks, Kent. The video helped a bunch. I wasn’t sure about the format of the picture you had. Was it just a bitmap? I could take my own picture of the wood I’m going to use if it’s that easy.

You are welcome - glad it helped. Using bitmap in the generic sense of the word, it was an image file. The supported file formats in the texture list are “typical” formats - .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tga, .tif, etc. so just about any picture format will do. Here is the link to the exact image I used if it helps you replicate the exercise:


Thanks again, Kent. This is going to make my life much easier. Not only can I do the wood grain I want but I can photograph the iron texture in my handforged work and then use it in Rhino. wow.