Rhino viewport not aligned on different computers

Hi, I opened the rhino file with saved viewports on a different computer and the view is now more zoomed in (old- image on the left and new- image on right). how can it be resolved?

Are the viewports the exact same size/aspect ratio between the two computers?

Where can I check that?

Hello - the Properties panel will show you the current viewport size if there is no selection. You can also set the size there by typing in the pixels for height and width.


With nothing selected, click somewhere in a viewport and look in Properties - it will give you the size in pixels. It will also give you the camera and target points. Even if the aspect ratio between the two different viewports isn’t the same, with a named view, the camera and target points should remain the same.

Thanks Pascal Golay and Helvetosaur, Its a named view and the two viewport properties are same.

Tried to match the Width and Height values and the entire camera moved

Hello - I would set the current viewport to have the correct pixel size (note you can restore named views using the aspect ratio as well-


but if you can make the current viewport have the exact right size, then restore the named view into that viewport, it should certainly look correct…


Yes the “restore aspect ratio” worked! thank you so much!