ViewCapture Aspect Ratios

Hello everyone,
So I (and my fellow colleagues) having issues replicating images being exported out of Rhino. As a brief bit of background on what we’re doing:
We use ‘-viewcapture’ (In Rhino 6 for windows 10), to produce images out of our named views, that go directly into adobe to be modified, or in some instances directly into presentations. When these views are saved, great care has been taken to frame the objects in question. In some cases, the ‘frame’ of the image when the view is saved is very close to the object given its size, the lens length and where we can place the camera due to existing obstructions.
There is rarely a problem when one person is handling exporting these views, but when multiple people collaborate in this it is seemingly impossible to predict what the output will be on a different machine. We all have the same set output resolution and scale setting, but it doesn’t seem to matter.
I have tried clicking the ‘restore aspect ratio’ but besides it being a bit glitchy and hard to understand, it hasn’t seem to help any.

Is there no way in Rhino to export a named view, that is indifferent to the monitor aspect ratio, monitor resolution, and rhino toolbar layout (as it effects viewport aspect ratio)?
Or is there a way to set up a camera that has a locked aspect ratio that you can export views from?

The solution I’m chasing is saved view with a locked location, target and lens length (as I know I currently have), that has a locked aspect ratio. Something that has consistent output regardless if I’m technically viewing it on a portrait mode monitor at 800x400 resolution, or a widescreen 6000x3000 monitor.

I’ve browsed the forums looking for solutions to this but I haven’t found anything that has worked for me, so I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Hi Sean - in -NamedView, you can specify whether to restore to the saved aspect ratio - have you been using that?