Rhino viewer

X3D is the international standard for interactive 3D graphics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCvHxGIzyhs

Rhino can export models to X3D file format: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/7/help/en-us/fileio/x3d_x3dv_export.htm

X3D viewer for Google Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/x3d-viewer/nneaojlgmfmngeckfemdbfpgedgfpgdg

Firefox has built-in X3D viewer. This viewer is less buggy than the Chrome X3D viewer.

Examples of 3D models in X3D file format:

My 6 year old graphics card (Quadro K2000M) was struggling with the Siena Cathedral at 4K resolution.

I exported Simple Rhino 6.16 model to the X3D file format. When I tried to open the X3D file with the X3D viewer for Google Chrome, the viewer displayed the following error message:

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I have opened some of the example shown with no problem and then downloaded the chrome extension but can’t seem to open a Rhino export as .x3d as Andrew has noted. I can’t even get the Viewer to open!

I installed the X3D Viewer Chrome extension and created .x3dv files from Rhino 6 using both export and “Save As…”, but when I try to open the files, I get this:

I can’t find an x3d Scene in this file!

How can I share a Rhino file as 3D with someone who doesn’t have Rhino?

MoI3D can be used as viewer and can be started from an USB stick. Simple copy the program directory should work, so far I know.

Thanks, you mentioned that ~6 years ago… $295 USD? Ouch! http://moi3d.com/

I’ve recommended that my client install the free trial version of Rhino 6. Overkill but there doesn’t seem to be much choice. I’d like to know why Rhino can save .x3dv files but without a “x3d Scene”, so I can’t view them?

Is there no Demo of MoI3D which can be used endless as viewer?

It’s a bit of a work around but if you have adobe account you can use dimension. You can export an OBJ from rhino and save it to the web. Here’s an example from adobe


I agree with Qi Su. I am a Modelo user and believe Modelo is the easiest way to view Rhino models. Moreover, it’s quick! Just on the browser, and don’t need to install any other software!

Qi Su is the CEO and Co-Founder of Modelo. Modelo viewer price is $70 for 1 month. I believe that the best long-term solution is X3D file format.

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There is also this open source project viewer: Online Rhino Viewer


I need a 3dm viewer, to read my rhino files from the production area by workers…
Do you think it’s possible to make a configuration of tools in rhino, with only measure, and read only, desactivate all others tools… maybe a script can do it, no?

I believe many folks use the Rhino evaluation for this. After it expires it won’t write so it can’t alter the original file. It still has all the commands though, so the person viewing can still mess up his computer’s internal instance of the file. The cure would, of course, be to re-read the file.

Maybe try iRhino
on an iPad

[you can search for it here on the forum, it’s pretty great]

it is not possible to put Apple equipment in our production workshops… irhino is a cloud solution, and I cannot put all the modeling of our projects on the cloud, the files are relatively large and numerous…

I don’t have time to train people in rhino… maybe I could create a script when launching rhino that would deactivate all the toolbars, leaving the one I want or making a toolbar appear custom tools, which I would define… is this something feasible?

You can also store and open files from the file app [local] or your local network.

I don’t think there will be a none Apple version anytime soon.
[And you’d be missing on a very good solution made by the Rhino Devs… ]

It is not.

Hi Franck -

It’s not possible to deactivate commands but you can simply close any toolbar that you don’t want anyone to use accidently.

to use irhino, we don’t have to upload .3dm file on an account? we can open files from our server?.. i tried some years ago, and it was not possible… maybe it changed or I did’nt know how…

We have never hosted user files.

Here they are accessing a one-drive. OneDrive integration missing on iPad Pro - #6 by wllmvrtt

ok… Irhino seems to be a good thing but it’s apple, and i don’t have ipad in my production workshops…