Converting .3dm to windows media player

Hi. I wanted to know if there is a way to convert a .3dm file to a windows media player. I want the manufacturer to be able to open the file without rhino and see what the design looks like. Can it be possible to convert it to a .WMV or a similar file so as to be able to see the design from all angles. Thank You

What about 3D viewer ?

I had the same need, and for the ability to take a measurement as well as an added bonus.
Failed to find anything suitable at all, and I did try the suggested option.
Surprised there was nothing at all suitable. Last suggestion was get them to install Rhino !


Hi -

Depending on your needs, there are a few online viewers available:

Apart from that, you could create a 3D PDF using a plug-in such as Simlab 3D PDF.


a native Rhinoceros app…

The current public version of iRhino3D is based on older technology and has several limitations. We are getting closer to being able to announce a new version that is based on the display technology that is being developed in Rhino 8.
Of course, this app requires the use of an iOS device…

It would be great to implement a sketch tool. :relieved:

atm a screen shot and using apple sketch tools for markup are working well.

as Wim said, we have a new version coming… it’s just not ready for the public yet.

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It has only been a couple of years…
Just kidding.
Any idea of an approximate timeframe?

Hi Norbert -

As I understand it, all the basics are in place but, since this is now completely Metal based, and Metal is under heavy construction at the moment, I’m not sure when it will be unleashed. I suppose, the approximate timeframe is “soon™”.

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Thanks, Wim!