Rhino model Webviewer?


Any chance we could get some kind of web viewer widget to display Rhino models in a web browser? This would be pretty awesome for everyone. 3d model web viewers are a pretty big deal these days. I’m thinking something similar to the iRhino app would be sweet, where you can turn on/off layers. :smile:


There’s a plug-in called Simlab Composer that makes 3D PDF files that can be linked to Web pages that will do that. It’s been around for years.

Yes, there are a number of third-party softwares out there that bring 3d model viewing to web browsers. Most/all of these cost money however, including the one you mentioned. I would think that McNeel/Rhino would want their own webviewer however, just as they have their own iRhino app, that they can offer free to their users. Seems like it would make smart business sense too :slight_smile:


Yes and no.
We have an internal “good neighbor” policy to not write tools that complete with our third-party developers unless what they have is really inadequate and if we have the development resource to do it. The ed PDF tools seems very well written and are well received.

iRhino was written as a test case to see if the work we had been doing for OSX Rhino could also be leveraged into an iOS app. iRhino3D was never an independent development effort. It was a spin-off of the work needed for Mac Rhino.

Thanks for the info John. I’m wondering how much the “good-neighbor” policy applies here, since the SimLab software already imports up to 16 different 3d formats, and there are many other 3rd party softwares that import 3d formats for web viewing. It seems to be a pretty open market. I would still think McNeil would have an interest in developing their own. Rhino users are pretty dedicated to the software. I’m a Rhino user since the early beta versions 20 years ago, and I would certainly appreciate a Rhino-specific web viewer. I’m guessing most other Rhino users would too. Just my 2 cents…


Have you tried Iris?

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I haven’t tried it yet, but many thanks for pointing me to it!

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Also see this post:


Autodesk has their free A360 Viewer that accepts DWG, DWF, RVT, Solidworks and STP.

On Wikifactory, you can view Rhino files and a whole range of CAD formats without needing plugins or installs: https://wikifactory.com/

Take a look at this VR headset to see how it is viewable even on Mobile: https://wikifactory.com/@marialuce/shybo/file/Entire%20model/shybo.3dm

We breakdown the feature here: https://wikifactory.com/+wikifactory/stories/introducing-our-brand-new-file-visualisation-system

Disclaimer: I am Wikifactory Community developper :slight_smile:


Nice work…I need to check into this.