Software for viewing model


I’m just wondering if there is a software I can download, that will allow me to view a model I made in Rhino, or another 3d modeling software.

Its primarily for meeting with clients, panning around the model of a master plan site, and showing it from different angles?

I see a thread from 2014 mentioning grabcad, but I dont need any editing capabilities, just to be able to view a model in 3D?

If anyone knows of the easiest and best way, that would be great and thank you! :slight_smile:


OK, that’s good to know.

So is there a software say, that would take a model made from 3DS Max, and just store the model? Then allow me to view it in front of a client, just for viewing purposes? Rhino Evaluate would do this? Or in rhino, it would default the display settings. If I could get a software that would just hold the model and its textures, so I can just spin it around?


If you open and save in a licensed Rhino so that you end up with a .3dm file then you can open it in another Rhino (evaluation).

You won’t be able to import other file formats, as those are handled with plug-ins - those are not available in an expired evaluation version.

Since you mentioned GrabCAD and view only, you might evaluate a free basic account here:

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Perfect, P3d was actually pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks for the replies everyone.