Rhino very slow on M1 Mac

Hey, I bought the M1 MacBook Pro with 16gb of ram thinking it would be powerful enough for rhino as there is some people doing heavy video editing with it. Unfortunately when opening big files rhino becomes unusably slow, and sometimes even crash. It happens when there is 3D most of the time.
Is there an M1 version coming in the next months? I tried downloading rhino 8 but I can’t make it work as I’ve got a student licence. I’m concerned that I won’t be able to work with rhino when I go back to classes in a few weeks…

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Hi -

I can’t find any crash reports connected to your Rhino Account. Are you sending in crash reports?
Can you upload a file that is slow on your system to Rhino - Upload to Support - please add the link to this thread in the “Comments” field.
Also, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

There isn’t going to be a special M1 version of Rhino any time soon.

An educational license will let you run the Rhino 8 WIP - an evaluation version will not.

Thanks for your answers, I will try sending crash reports in the next few days. Gonna try again with Rhino 8 too.

Hi, got the same problem, Rhino7 is running very slow on Mac (24inch) M1 and sometimes even crash.
Hope you"ll fix it soon.

Hi Herman -

We can only do that if we can reproduce what is happening. Are you experiencing this with a specific model? Are you sending in crash reports? We’ll need as much details as possible…

I have the same problem. When opening larger files, rhino crashes every time … I am using a MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM and a full M1Pro CPU. I checked the usage of the RAM and CPU during the crash, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem … I work with Rhino at the university and I am not able to work with it right now … when will Rhino be optimized for arm??? please for quick help!

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Could you share a file that is constantly crashing Rhino with us so we can try and repeat it here?

Since it is probably a very large file, you could send it using our file transfer service at

Please include this URL in the comments:


I want to contribute too and therefore I’ll upload my file as well.
Experiencing slow performances in 3d view both in panning and orbiting. Tried with V7 and V8wip.
Another very annoying issue is that the autosave is too much invasive: every few commands or view changes I notice MacOS beachball while Rhino wait the file saving ends.
File (220 MB) was originally developed on RH6 on iMac (mid 2010) on MacOS High Sierra

I’d like to provide some feedback about some new discover:
my file has 10 snapshots (it’s an architectural project with 3 horizontal plan sections, 2 vertical sections and global views) that help me in handling what I need to view (layers, views…).

I’ve tried deleting 4 snapshots and filesize decreased to 159MB. What I noticed accordingly is that autosave time became less impacting. So I’m at present pointing my finger to SNAPSHOTS for repetitive beachball on MacOS. (tests done on iMac (mid 2010).