Rhino V7 Request: Save as Blender 2.8

Considering Rhino is now using Cycles, and Blender is now with 2.8 out, it would be amazing, as an architect, to design on Rhino and export to Blender for the final render, adding complex materials, use cloth tools which Blender has, and not have to add to the Rhino design a degree of complexity I only want for the final presentation products ( people, animations, moving grass with wind, trees moving with wind, all possible in Blender which represent a very cumbersome deal on Rhino )… so… if I can have a WishList for Rhino 7 it would be Save as… Blender 2.8 Cycles/Eevee File.

I hope since I just saw the WIP for 7 is out, it is proper time for this request. Regardless of the efforts going to importing the 3dm file into Blender, it could be simpler to have the export feature from Rhino, as it does with other software.

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I already replied here

exporting to .blend format will be such a big undertaking that it won’t happen any time soon. The import_3dm plug-in that I created will do already a great job.

I don’t really see how writing a .blend directly from Rhino is any different from reading directly a .3dm into Blender.

One day I’d like to do a .blend writer for Rhino, but writing the add-on in Blender is far more easy and robust, since all the necessary technology already exists - for writing a .blend there is nothing in the .NET nor C++ with right license, thus nothing for Rhino.

So, reading .3dm into Blender using import_3dm then saving out the .blend file is currently the fastest and most versatile.


I’m very happy for getting a reply from you, I have been wanting to test the 3dm reader, I did not have the chance to test it yet but I’d like to thank you for putting the effort.

As an architect on Archicad, Archicad makes a great 3dm file already. If I can get that file with all the information ( lights, UV mapping, object hierarchy by layer ) it would solve my problems completely. Yes, the Blender 3dm import does the job, but to be honest, I still would like to press McNeil for full corporate support for Blender, regardless of your wonderful job, it would still be dreamy. I guess from the love and effort you put already into making it happen, you fully agree :slight_smile:

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I use Rhino and Archicad as a paid on my workflow… I make many scene objects and furniture design on Rhino and import on Archicad… or construct urban scenes on Archicad using Grasshopper as a base… today, for some quick high resolution renders on VRay, I simply save the Archicad as 3DM and do it all in Rhino already… I am studying Blender for replacing VRay, and adding Eevee… so… that’s the logic behind my reasoning ( and I do donate for the Blender foundation monthly… I’d back open source or at least very open software plataforms anyday over fully enclosed commercial ones any day )

Nice to hear you’re looking into EEVEE as a potential render engine. Rhino already does indirectly support Blender/Cycles development by having its own Cycles fork publicly available at https://github.com/mcneel/cycles, https://github.com/CCSycles and https://github.com/RhinoCycles. I suppose I could also submit our code changes as patches, but much of it is very specific to Rhino, so I’m expecting much of it not to be accepted anyway.

Anyway, your best way forward is currently using import_3dm. Since I work on Rhino this is also essentially support from Rhino for Blender - not very directly there either, but I am able to work on this :slight_smile: Further there have been some great code contributions by @tom_svilans, @joel_putnam - and I’m expecting cool stuff from @fertig.

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