RHINO V5 Questions ~ Window Panels

Hello: I downloaded a 3D model of a horse head, which was a .OBJ file. I want to get the views correct in the four window panels. SO far, I only have the TOP VIEW completed. When I try to set up a View in FRONT or RIGHT, the views in the other panels disappear. When I select the model in one window, it selects in all 4 panels. I only want to select the model in the panel that I am working on. What is going on here? I do not want to move or make changes any of the other panels, just the one I am working on. I don’t see anyway to paste a picture into this message…

Please help…
Thank you,
Karl S

I’m not sure what that means.
Do you have 4 views visible?

You can use the command 4View to force the workspace to show 4 viewports. [Use it twice to reset all to the default view around the origin.]

Then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E to zoom into all objects in the scene in all viewports.

The 4 viewports are just 4 different “windows” that look out onto the same single reality. If the object is selected, it will show selected in all of those views.

Regular Windows Copy-Paste will work. Alternatively, use the Upload button:

I feel better already!


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Thank you for your reply:
Here is the original pic:

The top view is where I want it…but when I corrected the front view to where I wanted it, the images in the other panels disappeared completely, Panning in the view windows reveals that there are NO IMAGES in any of the other view windows:

I don’t understand this…

Hi Karl - what happens if you run Zoom Extents All (ZEA and Enter) ?


Zoom Extents All DID work to restore the images to the other view panel windows. However the TOP view is no longer a top view. When I created bases. in a previous job, I had NO PROBLEM with any of this.

Hi Karl - run 4View twice in a row, then ZEA for good measure. Any better?
If the object is not oriented to the 3d space as you think it ought to be, rotate and move it to square it up - Gumball can be helpful or the normal rotation & move commands.

OK, I ran 4VIEW TWICE…the first time, ALL FOUR IMAGES DISAPPEARED. I then ran ZEA, and they all re-appeared. The images in the bottom two panels are correct, but they are in the wrong panels. is there any way I can swap images between panels?

Hi Karl - use SetView World Front and SetView World Right.


Pascal: I did that, but the program has eveidently assigned the wrong views to the image itself. It just swapped them. The view labels are still wrong. When I selected UNDO, all four images disappeared. The view in the RIGHT panel is actually the FRONT view, and the view in the front view panel is actually the RIGHT view.

The only thing the commands did was move the panel names. The images in the tow panels still need to be swapped:

Hi Karl - sounds like you need to spend some time looking in Help on SetView, UndoView, RedoView,(vs. Undo).



Pascal:Thank you for all of your help. I tried to import an AI file into Rhino. But it DID NOT give me the option of closing the horse head file, first. It said that it imported it, but the Horse head file was still there. WHEN in hell are you going to put a CLOSE FILE command in the FILE menu? CLOSE FILE means that you have finished operations on the current file, and nave no more operations to do on it. Now, I will have to shut the entire program down, and HOPE that it will load without stalling (the green bar at the bottom stops). Rhino always stalls when Illustrator is open. I will also have to shut down other programs, just to make sure. THIS IS VERY INCONVENIENT…not that your code-writers actually care about that…

Hi Karl - just use the Open command instead of Import and I think you’ll be all set.


Alright, I will do that. I selected “IMPORT” because it wasn’t a .3DM file. More issues…I have trying to find out the size of the horses head model, so I tried DIMENSION, but NO VALUE was returned…I got the error message that was at the top of the below picture. How does this program load files? My assumption would be that the model would be placed as close as possible, to ZERO-X, ZERO-Y and ZERO-Z as possible…but it doesn’t appear that this is the case. In Adobe Illustrator, you can set up rulers at the edges, and a grid for the whole screen, so you always know what you are doing

Pascal: I am trying to get the program to return a number for the height dimension, with no success.
I had selected LINEAR DIMENSION, but NO NUMBER was returned. The arrows indicate the measurement that I need, I am not going to fuck with this anymore. It returns NO VALUE. How am I supposed to accomplish this?
Thank you,

Karl S.

Sounds like you need a new hobby, yes.

By at least using a small amount of time actually getting to know the program?

Document Properties > Annotation > Dimensions > [-your dimension-] > Layout sizes > …


perhaps you could use the ‘distance’ command which will show the distance between your two mouse clicks.

Yes, that helped a lot…thank you I will have more questions later

Keep in mind that Distance is a 3d distance, and dimensions are projected to 2d. BoundingBox with Output=Curves might be useful, you’ll get the overall XYZ sizes printed to the command line and you can dimension to the lines it makes then delete or hide the lines to get accurate dimes that don’t depend on your hitting just the right vertex on the mesh.


OK, so I used the DISTANCE command, and determined that the height of the horsehead model was 836 millimeters (32.91 inches). This was way too large, so scaled it down to the size I want it for this experiment.

I also pasted another model into the picture, but that model is no where to be found on this screen, after I pasted it. When I completed that model, and copied it, it was very close to the X=0, Y=0, Z=0 colored arrows. When a paste is done in Illustrator, it is always in the center of the screen. I looked at the MOVE command, because I want to move the horse’s head to where the other model is. It asked me for the current location of the horse’s head, but I do not know that.

My two questions (for now):

  1. How do I specify a move to the 0,0,0 point, which is where I want to move the horse’s head to? Right now, it is off in space, somewhere….
  2. The horse head model is not currently solid, but I want it to be solid. How do I get the program to FILL it solid?