Greyed out viewports

I’m not tech savvy, am a uni student and just finished modelling in Rhino6. I’ve been working in perspective viewport and now that I’m trying to do sections, plans etc I re-entered the 4-viewport view and all the other viewports other than perspective are greyed out. When I try to change the one viewable active viewport from perspective to any other ‘view’ it greys out. Assistance would be much appreciated. Assignment due in two days :-/

I have a suspicion it is something to do with the viewport properties - the ‘Targets’ are all ‘0’ in the greyed out viewports.

computers feel the deadlines :smile:
maybe it has something with position of your object to model origin! click on any elevation viewports ctrl+a to select all objects and then use “zoom selected” it will show you the model then just move it to the origin.
if it wont works, it would be great to share the file then others can check it and try different possibilities.:+1:

If your viewports are corrupted, you might try resetting them by running the _4View command twice in a row. Another possibility is to open a second new, blank Rhino file with the same units as the bad one, then Ctrl+A to copy all the geometry out of the first instance and Ctrl+V to paste it into the new file. (make sure everything is unlocked and visible before copying, obviously)

You might also try running SystemInfo in Rhino and posting the info here.

Thank you SO much for posting @Homayoun and @Helvetosaur - life savers. Sorry for delayed reply, I was have-at-it at my keyboard to sort this out and submit!!!
Ctrl+a such a useful tip - I did this and ‘zoom selected’ in one of the elevation viewports and found the zoom range was massive then zoomed in on both ends of the range and found a random terrain import miles away from my model. I deleted it and repeated ctrl+a and ‘zoom selected’ and it was able to re-focus the target. Simple error, thankfully no corruption in the file. I’m going to remember your posts as undoubtedly I will find errors at some stage that your responses will assist.
Computers sure do feel the deadlines - maybe it’s the pressure to perform ha!
Had me worried for a bit there. Sheesh.
Thanks again for helping folks!!! Much appreciated.