Layers of model are only visable in one view pane

The only view that will show all the layers is the front regardless what layers I tried turning off and on, all columns are turned on. everything was OK until I moved the main object within the structure and then the main object disappeared for all but the one view. I’m a pretty unsophisticated user and at a loss here. I did try to save as rhino 5 and open there with the same results. No plugins installed. Any thoughts.

Rhino view issue.pdf (86.4 KB)

Hi MIke - does Zoom Extents do anything?


Yes, It made all other views except for my "Front " go blank No grid or anything. If I use dynamic zoom on the front view it seems normal but makes no difference on the rest of the views that is noticeable. However, if after using zoom extents, selecting the entire screen, I see something there. After using zoom dynamic to scroll on for a very long time I do see an unrecognized curve displayed that looks almost like a sine wave. . If I try to do anything with that curve it disappears and I need to start over to find anything on the screen. I can try and send the file but it is pretty large.

Hi Mike - in a view where you can see everything that you expect to be in the file, window select everything, then Invert, and Delete.

Any better?


Nope, It did cause me to loose many more surfaces on the model. I opened the “Front” view selected the entire model used the invert command, hit delete and viola, Less model.

Hi Mike - please SaveSmall, zip and send the file via to my attention, I’ll take a look.


Will do.

Files sent.

Mike, the object in the file are bad… very bad… objects. I cannot tell yet which ones exactly because the thing has bogged down Rhino, but here’s a screen grab of a small part of the wireframe:

I assume this is imported? Do you have the original step file or whatever it was?

Aha - the thing is in outer space. This far from the World Origin:

1693536122089365.250 inches

Kind of a lot, really, when you think about it…

26728789805.7 miles

287 or so Astronomical Units.


My thoughts exactly, I have no idea what that artwork is or how it came about. I have the file of what it should be and possibly the difference will indicate what caused the issue. I’m glad since this is a wip, I followed protocol and made backups. If you want I will send the model that is not corrupt. Should look like the attached picture


This is what it originally looked like before I moved the location of the central component to a slightly different location in between the two large red saddles.

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Gyro Ship Stabilizers

Hi Mike - yes, please send the good file along as well.

My theory is, you started the Move command and then went to get a cup of coffee, and in the meantime your cat walked across the keyboard.



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Uploading now to


Hi Mike - that file seems fine - there is a bad object or two but nothing hideous. I can imagine, maybe, that dragging an object in a view very shallow to the CPlane could move it pretty far, but not that far…