Perspective view lost?!?!?!?

Hey guys, im new to the forum, ive been trying to learn Rhino at college over the past 6 months or so and now im trying to create my first model! ive been messing with the C-planes (i admit i dont really know how these work) and i seem to have lost my perspective view! ive been trying to figure out how to get it back for a little while now and cant figure it out. could anyone help me please.


Use the command “4view”

cheers Chris, thats not what i meant, i meant that in 4 view, perspective was not one of the views and it wasnt an option on the little tabs at the bottom, but no drama, i figured it out but my project seems to have dissapeard and is not vissable in any views :frowning: i dont know what to do!!

4view twice in a row will reset all viewports to a default setup, which should get you a perspective as one of the viewports. For the missing project, be sure correct layers are on, use Show to show hidden geometry, zea will zoom extents in all viewports.



thanks, i managed to figure it all out, but now im having issues with my C planes!

Have a look at the User’s Guide for good tutorials that cover these basic user interface tools in Rhino.
The User’s Guide can be downloaded from the Learn page on the Rhino Web site.

This just saved me! Thanks!