Display not working

Sorry for such a basic question, but I can’t figure out why the top, front and right view does not display anything, while the perspective works perfectly well? When I try “ZOOM EXTENT” in these viewports, nothing came up, nor can I “ZOOM SELECTED” when selecting the object in perspective beforehand. I have restarted Rhino but still nothing changed. the Right viewport doesn’t even show a CPlane. Any ideas how to resolve this problem?

Hi Eve,

Is this with all your files or just a specific one? Are there more objects in the file that are far apart?
If so can you post the file for testing?
What version of Rhino and what windows version are you running?


Hi Willem,

It’s just this one, all other files are okay, yes there are some others stuff a bit further apart.

Here’s the file and my rhino is 5 SR11 64bit 5.11.50226.17195,


SITE hill.3dm (19.3 MB)

Run _4View, then it works again.


Hi Eve,

Like Charles, running _4View twice restets the camera’s to default.
For some reason your camera in for instance the top view was faaaaaarrr away from the origin:


wow! worked! thank you so much!