Rhino Trial Version for Windows not starting


I downloaded a few days ago the trial version of Rhino and it won’t start.
As soon as the program open it crashes down and a error report window open instead. I tryed to repair the instalation and re-run the program but nothing seems to help.
I have been asked by my boss to evaluate Rhino before purchasing and I haven’t had the chance to even open it.
Please Help…

Did you send in the crash report? That would be very valuable. If you could also tell us the email you attached to the error report we would know which one you sent in. Is it the same email as you’re using here on Discourse? If not please private message me.


Hey David

I fund out what the problem was , the computer I was working on did not had enough RAM.
Since then I have a new problem and will very much like your help.
I moved to an other computer with more RAM and Rhino was running great and I started to discovered and to learn a lot.
I finely got my own computer and install the trial version of Rhino. On this new computer I can’t see Decals on render preview viewport. The Decal are loaded right but I can’t see them. On render mode I see them very clearly but not on preview mode witch is essential to apply the decals right position.
Please help

Hi Alexandra - can you please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and post the results here?


Like so?
SystemInfo 1.txt (1.6 KB)