Liscense manager crash Error -200?

Just updated Rhino 6.2 to 6.4 and it hung the computer on restart. Now I get this error and Rhino will not start. I tried System restore but that did not work. I downloaded the latest Rhino 6.4.18130.19341 file and ran it. I chose “Repair”, and it went through the process. No change, I still get the error. Suggestions?


I had this same error this morning updating to an internal build for testing. I filed the issue for @brian to look into but I also found that a repair of the Rhino 6 installation followed by a restart of Windows solved the problem. Did you specifically Restart Windows after the Repair?

Hi @CalypsoArt - I recommend that you completely remove Rhino 6 and then install from - does that work?

I did it twice, it said repair was completed successfully, restarted each time, but no go. I was hoping not to have to uninstall. I have some custom toolbars I dom’t want to lose.

Un installing will not touch the customized toolbars because the installer did not add them. After uninstalling and reinstalling, you will need to open the customized toolbars.
I am assuming you saved your customizations under a different name?

Ok, I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times now to no avail. Rhino will not run on my machine. Everything was fine prior to the update. Could this be some problem with access through Windows firewall or something like that?