Rhino Trackpad Macbook Issues

This is not a Rhino program. It is a Mac problem.

Since i have “upgraded” from a 17-inch 2010 to a 15-Inch 2015 Macbook, Scrolling using the trackpad has been slow. Frequently Rhino stops responding to the trackpad then sudden executes stored commands.

It never happened on the 2010 macbook.

Are there any settings that might be adjustable to correct this problem on the Mac?

Sounds like you do a two-finger press. Lighter touch maybe needed?

I don’t know if there are sensitivity settings for this.

Yep, its the 2-finger thing.

Sounds like I have the exact same problem. I recently upgraded from a 2011 MBP 13" to a 2018 MBP 15". Rhino worked perfect on my previous Mac, but it doesn’t work well when I try to pan on my new Mac. It’s the same with both Rhino 5 and 6.

Seems be the same as this one - Trackpad Navigation Changes Overnight and this one back from 2014 as well Trackpad Rotate &/or Pan Not Working

Be sure to write it here if you find a solution