Rhino Mac scroll issue


I have been following the development of Rhino for Mac for a while. Simple stuff for now but…

Have found the RC1 no longer allows drag and scroll using trackpad.

I have 2 Macbook Pro retinas, first is running 10.8.5 and WIP 5A508W and a brand new MBPro Retina with 10.10.3 and RC1 (5A854).

The new machine is not scrolling when an object is: clicked and held and two finger scroll initiated. The old machine works fine. Trackpad and Rhino prefs seem to be set the same, though as always humans can miss things. Any ideas?

BTW, I use this all the time as I have a large palette of objects we use for CAM layouts and Rhino doesn’t seem to have an object library/database system.

Neither laptop should scroll when clicked and held. Rhino rotates or pans a view when you lightly place two fingers on the trackpad surface and drag your fingers across the trackpad surface.

There have not been any changes in the trackpad handling for a while, so there should not be any differences in the two versions. If you think that this is something introduced in 5A854, you should also install 5A854 on your older laptop as a test.