BUG: Rhino does not behave properly with the trackpad on late model Macs!

My 2010 model MacBook died. I got a replacement.

I am finding that at times Rhino’s zoom and pan functions stop working for a period; often 30 seconds on the new macbook.

Quite frequently the Rhino stops responding to the trackpad until I switch to another application then come back.

Has anyone else run into this and found a solution?

Let me add to this: The frequency of this problem is constant. Any extended scrolling or zooming combination causes the Rhino to stop responding to the track pad.

I have found two ways to get Rhino to start responding again. (1) Switch to another application and switch back. (2) enter a command in rhino.

I recently got a new MacBook and have experienced similar… (though not for 30seconds or I never had to leave the application in order to get a response again)

I assume you have a laptop with one of those large trackpads & haptics… Apple has some sort of palm detection algorithms built in… so you can do things like type without accidentally moving the cursor.

what I’ve found so far is to try to stay away from the edges when doing things that Rhino needs (2 finger gestures)… and definitely make sure you don’t accidentally have another part of your hand or other hand touching the trackpad… because if you do, the palm detection will not allow your navigation gesture to be registered…

it bothered me for about 2 days but after being more aware of the difference between this and my old laptop, it’s getting better…

so yeah, just try to be aware of the palm detection and especially precise with your navigation for a while… stay in the center of the trackpad and make sure your palm or other hand isn’t touching… train your right hand to no longer rest on the edge of the laptop… instead, hover your hand over the trackpad (I think this is better for your wrists anyway)… do that for a few hours then you can stop thinking about it so much. (or, that worked for me)


Still trying to master this.

I think the Rhino gods need to consider this to be a bug.

which computer are you using Jim? (model/year)

Macbook Pro 2019 15 inch

I have the same trackpad as you then…

I have a lot of modeling to do tomorrow and will be doing it on the laptop… if I notice anything that’s relative or helpful to your problem, I’ll report back.


I am having lockups that last for many seconds before Rhino comes back.

I’ve disabled all the alternative gestures.

I hope the Rhino gods appreciate how severe this problem is.

are things getting any better for you Jim?

I’ve been modeling a lot the past few days and have triggered the palm detection a couple of times…

the only thing I can add to what I already said is if you experience a navigation freeze, quit touching the trackpad altogether then go back to it… it should respond immediately then.

because when I triggered it once (with my thumb of my left hand I believe) I tried to make certain I was only touching the trackpad with the tips of my right hand but was still getting no response… I think since I triggered it, it stayed in palm detection mode regardless of me lifting the offending thumb…

lifting all fingers for a second then going at it fresh ‘fixed’ it.

Still no joy on it.

It appears the problem may have gone away in the beta.