Rhino to twin motion help

My final critique is tomorrow and I am trying to export my rhino file into twin motion but when I do the layers are all funky and not straight. I thought it was just the wood planks on the roof but it is every material and layer they are all distorted. I think it is a exporting problem from Rhino and help?

Twinmotion is not one of our tools.
Here’s a link to their Web site.
Hopefully you can get some help with this issue there.

Any luck?

No much in that webinar that was specific to Rhino or Grasshopper, just a quick mention at the beginning. He did have a short bit about how to merge or not merge materials for the Rhino synch to TM. Best to get your materials sorted out by later in Rhino to keep things managable. They can get to be a mess in TM if you don’t!