Twinmotion connection/synchronization lost


Using the new twinmotion 2023.1 preview.

I get odd behavior with the synchronize function.
At first it works, I can work on the rhino model change things then hit synchronize and the link works the model is updated in Twinmotion.

But at some point in time the link dies and no updating is done. Even though under connections in rhino the Twinmotion toolbar shows the link path of the rhino model as active.

It seems the connection is lost after a time and no updating occurs. I don’t know if it’s a Twinmotion problem or a Rhino problem. I’ll contact TM staff as well and let them know since this is their preview and there have been bugs but is anyone else experiencing this? If so is there a workaround outside of restarting both software?

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Do you mean that closing and restarting both softwares restores the link?

I have had to klick the link in TM and redirect it to the active Rhino link somethimes.

And I have also experienced that running multiple Rhinos can cause disturbance. But I have only used 2023.1 p2 a little bit and have not seen what you describe yet.


Hi @Holo
After I posted there was a new version available, 2023.1 preview 2.
Has a new interface design and looks like they fixed a few problems.
I still see the synchronization link not updating properly.

They now support Rhino material libraries in that you have all the Rhino materials under the new materials tab. You don’t have to use the eyedropper to alter them anymore, nice.

Found some problems:

  1. Anything in the model with edge softening on will not synchronize or appear in Twinmotion.

  2. Standard Rhino glass comes in black in Twinmotion. I see that twin flags this as a black opaque material but still puts in the glass category.

  3. Bump texture maps sometimes are not read properly and twin or rhino is setting them to 70% strength and they appear in twin in the normals area of the texture. Seems they have got rid of the bump map category or I can’t find it at the moment.

The texturing problems are not a big deal to me as I swap out Rhino materials for Twin materials. But still is not great most likely just needs tunning.

Synchronization had been problematical with the TM2023. Perhaps a way to show it…
In Rhino create a cube, delete one face making it an open polysurface, copy that and then give the copy edge softening. Sync with twin, for me the edge softened model does not appear in twin. Then go back to Rhino turn off edge softening and run synchronization for me nothing updates and the once edge softened cube does not appear even with edge softening turned off. So one way to show synchronization is not working. Also I noticed that after three tries I don’t see the update blue status strip updating anymore in rhino looks like the link just dies. Let me know if anybody tries this.