Rhino to Stl

I have a closedpolysurface model, but when I export it to stl, the quality turns out really bad.
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
I changed it into a Mesh and checked it, what came up was that It had 2680 extremly short edges. Could that be the issue here?


Please upload your file, if possible.

Skålen23_17 (2).3dm (2.0 MB)

Hi. Thank you for trying to help me out, :slight_smile:

Hi Helena,

What happens if you use simple controls for the meshing and choose highest quality?

What strikes me as odd is 10 for max distance to srf

Does this help?

The object seems unnecessary complex. MergeAllFaces to the rescue.

Hi Willem. I have tried that, still the same result.

Hi Cadmaster. I tried MergeAllFaces but still the same result

1435 extremely short edges. Could this be the problem? And how do i fix that?

Hi Helena,

I had a quick look at your file and the issus you have a due to the object being very far from the world origin:

If you move it close to world 0,0,0 you will avoid these errors caused by floating point rounding errors.

Does this make sense?



It looks pretty good after moving the object around the origin point.
Your CPlane is too far away from origin and causes weird floating error.

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Thank you Willem. I did for sure make it better:-)
Still some quality issues though, but that could be the settings.

Thank you Gankeyu. It worked:-) i did move the object to 0, i took move and then move object to 0. And it worked better,( i did scale the object as well) see image i sent to willem- But it still suffers from triangulated surfaces/ low poly. What kind of settings did you use when exporting/ mesh to get such a nice smooth surface on the stl?

It’s probably depending on what software you are using to process the mesh.

Skålen23_17 (2).3dm (1.5 MB)

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Thank you SO much. Your model looked fabolous when i Exported it to STL. I must have done something wrong when i moved it to 0. Do you mind showing me how you moved to 0?

I did the following things:

  1. Move everything around the origin
  2. BooleanUnion
  3. MergeAllFaces & MergeAllEdges
  4. Mesh, using the finest option
  5. AddNgonsToMesh
  6. Export to STL using default settings.

btw some software has issues with negative coordinates, it seems not the case in your example but still worth noticing.

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Absolutely Brilliant- I have never used AddNgons toMesh command. Thats sounds interesting. I will have a look into that one. Thank you very much again:-)