File broken when exported from Rhino as an STL

Hi all, I was hoping if somebody could help me with an issue I am having when exporting a part from Rhino as an STL.

This is what the part looks like in Rhino, it says it is a closed polysurface and everything seems fine. Then when I export it (0.01mm, Binary) this is what it looks like when I open it in Netfabb.

I have no Idea why this is happening, but I suspect the lofted lines that make up the main housing have something to do with it.

If anyone has some ideas or advice as to how I can fix this and stop it from happening, I would be very appreciative. Here is the file. Housing.3dm (1.1 MB)

Thanks, Callum.

Hi Callum - try this - start the command DivideAlongCreases, set SplitAtTangents=Yes at the command line then select your object and Enter. Then try the export.


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After what pascal says, apply _ShrinkTrimmedSrf and the mesh will be better.
for a quick test you can use Flat shade in the viewport.

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Hey guys, tried both and they worked a treat. Thank you so much! Also for anybody else that views this thread with the same troubles, this may help when exporting an STL.

under detailed options;