Exporting Polysurface to stl is jaggered

HI All,

I have a polysurface which came from a topography, when I look at it in Rhino, its all smooth. When I try and export it, the stl is jaggered and don’t resembled the object as displayed in Rhino. I’ve tried rebuilding the surface and modifying the export parameters for stl, I just can’t get it to be smooth.

This is what it looks like in Rhino

and this is what it looks like as an stl

How do I improve the resolution of the export so that it resembles the polysurface?

Here is the 3ds file for kicks Test.3dm (370.0 KB)

Thanks so much in advance


That’s kind of an odd looking mesh, I would guess it’s that your object is so far from the origin the accuracy of the meshing process is degraded. Just move it closer.

It’s a scaling issue, when I went from the original size down to the current, it lost resolution.

Thanks for you suggestion