Rhino to Revit

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to use Rhino and have a need to get a 3D assembly from Rhino to Revit. My original assembly was created in Creo but I use Rhino for doing some specialized things.

We have a large potential customer who’d like revit files of our products, but so far I’m only able to get a meshed version of it in there. My basic question is whether Revit can even handle the complex NURBS surfacing that Rhino can produce or am I wasting my time with it?

-Brian Perry

Hi Brian,

The conversion to Rhino to Revit via RiR will attempt to get things over cleanly but will fallback on less preferred methods if the geometry is too complex for Revit Solids.

Revit files of your products being families?

If you can provide us a sample file I can give a more informed opinion. What version of Revit are you/they using?


Thanks, I’m using a demo of Revit 2022 and I assume our customers will be using some flavor of that or a few versions older.

Part of my problem is I know next to nothing about Revit but quite familiar with Rhino up until I got stuck using Creo for a living. I’ve attached a test file of a typical assembly.

test1.zip (7.9 MB)

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Revit scale wise is an Architectural Software, its not made for small parts and pieces.

A Revit Family of this particular product would have the basic shell, mounting locations and perhaps typical mounting height parameter.

Something that could be redrawn quickly using SubD and pushed into a Revit Family where you would assign some product data if need be.

The highly detailed model isn’t going to play well with Revit and wouldn’t be desired from Revit user to put in a project.


That’s excellent feedback and exactly what I needed to know (and suspected due to how it was importing the model). Will check into the effort required to remodel as a simpler version.