Improve Rhino.Inside Geometry to Revit


I have a relatively simple script to bring Rhino Elements into Revit. I’m wondering how I can make this script more robust. For example, you’ll notice in the project browser I’m not able to change Materials, Workset, or anything once the geometry is within Revit.

Script is attached below.

Also are there good resources for Rhino.Inside? Every time I google stuff relating to this topic I’m met with pay walls and paid workshops.

Any thoughts or comments deeply appreciated!

Direct Shape_Draft (12.8 KB)

Hi Rismail88,

Which aspect are you least familiar with? Grasshopper or Revit?

Using directShapes only provides the material as Paint. If you want an instance parameter you will need to start with a family template.

To add to Japhy’s information, using a Family/Type instead of a Directshape allows for more flexibility in Revit. Here is the guide on this process to create loadable families: Rhino.Inside®.Revit

@Japhy @scottd Thank you both for the prompt replies. I am familiar with grasshopper at as an advanced beginner if you will haha.

I will take a look at your links scott and see if this solves the problem.

Thank you both.

It looks like geometry is a mesh model. Revit can only take a mesh into a directshape. The model needs to be converted into a NURBS model. This could be done with quadremesh.

Where did the model come from originally?