Workflow for Rhino to Revit?

Hi all,

I’m an architecture student trying to use Rhino and Revit for a project. So far I’ve modelled a roof shape in Rhino and would like to take this into Revit for laying out the internals (which I have started doing in Rhino but would like to start afresh in Revit). Using Rhino 6 and Revit 2019.

I’ve tried importing the roof in Revit as a dwg, dxf, sat, skp, ifc, and 3dm. Only .sat allows me to specify that what I’m importing is a roof or massing model, but I just get an error saying Revit cannot import the file (no reason given). The other file formats all just come in as a generic model that I can’t do anything to - I can’t seem to say its a roof or do anything useful to it. I tried taking the rhino file into Autodesk FormIt and using the FormIt to RFA addon in Revit, but that just hangs indefinitely.

Does anyone have a good workflow for getting my Rhino roof into Revit as a roof? I’m tearing my hair out here! Thanks!

if the roof surface is a continuous Nurbs surface, I’m pretty sure you can export it from Rhino as an sat file, then import that sat into revit into a mass family, then use roof by face…Not at a workstation right now but I think that works? Make sure your normals are facing “up” before you export from Rhino.

Make sure you have “Show Masses” enabled in your revit document. You may also need to check your Visibility Graphics to make sure Masses are checked and visible in the view.