Rhino to revit


I was wondering if anyone knew of a conference lecture that travels around that could help explain how an office might use rhino and revit interchangeably. Our office is working on a project that will be using revit but also needs to use Rhino for the mass/ skin as it is too complicated to create straight out of Revit. This is something that no one in the office is familiar with and it would be nice to get some live training on this matter. Please let me know if you know of anything that might help us. Thank you.

Here is one way to get Rhino models into Revit:

Here is another:


There is a Grasshopper group dedicated to Rhino-Revit interchange:

And more:

Hi, Alex. I would recommend Case Inc (Dale’s second link). We’ve been using Rhino to Revit for some of our complex building skins and they are the ones who introduced us to the techniques we use.

Hey There Alex,

Damon sent me along a link to this post and i thought I would reply :smile:

This is pretty much what we do. We can train you, help you set up a workflow or even build tools for you

Here is a workshop we’ll be running http://www.theprovingground.org/2013/08/case-design-technology-workshops.html

Feel free to reach out to me directly at d.fano@case-inc.com

Good luck!


thank you everyone. There are a lot of unknowns for us since we have never done this before. Some people in the office only know revit and others only know rhino. I think we just need to jump into it but we would like to reduce the amount of issues along the way as much as possible.

Dave I sent you an email with a few questions. Thank you for giving me your email address.