Rhino 6 - to 3D Max or Revit

Hello Rhino community,

So I have been modeling these arches lately that are done in Rhino but they come all broken down into Revit and 3D Max. I tried to export as:

  • DWG 3D (Surfaces)
  • DWG 3D (Meshes)
  • SAT
  • 3DS

But everytime we imported them, they come all jittered. Any one can help ? Maybe the importation options in 3D Max can be changed to bring them in cleaner.

I uploaded both an image for how it looks like in Rhino and then rendered in Lumion after brought into Revit as DWG 3D.

test question.3dm (178.2 KB)

test question.3dm (178.2 KB)

Here is the rhino file as well.


Hi @iskanderani.m
I think it would make sense to post one of the exported files (dwg, sat or 3ds) as well. I suspect the culprit might be your export settings rather than the actual Rhino file. To prove my point, I’m attaching the file in 3ds format with the mesh settings as shown in the screen dump. Try and see if that looks any better after making the roundtrip to Revit and Lumion :slight_smile:
test question.3ds (480.9 KB)

HTH, Jakob