Export Data from Revit to Rhino BLocks Problem

Hi all,

I have a project which i drawed in revit and want to add some technical details in rhino so i exported to rhino as dwg with ACIS-Solids. When i do this i get the model as polysurfaces and blocks(windows, doors, other similar elements). But the problem i have here is, walls and ceilings show up as polysurfaces. Its a technical drawing and has many layer in a wall or a ceiling. And for some connection details i need to push/pull, edit some layer in it. I can see all layers for its cutted section but they are only as split lines, i mean they are any seperate layer. When i click a layer in a wall as sub surface(ctrl+shift) ofc i can select but when i push/pull them it doesnt move alone as you not it only strechtes and pulls connected neighbour surfaces of the polysurface. Do you know, is there way to export them as seperate layers or turn them into separate volumes in rhino?