Rhino to Revit Geometry. Parameters are gone

I am trying to convert a rhino geometry over to revit to create a nice smooth chair. When I use the gh script from the tutorial, I am not able to add parameters in the furniture category. See the pic below.

When I create geometry in Revit directly I get a couple of default parameters like the pic below.

Is this possible when I transfer geometry from rhino to revit or is this something that’s impossible?

Thank you!



Thanks for the reply Rickson.

The link was quite informative for me to understand how it works.

But unfortunately, the workflow was from rhino to revit project file. I actually wanted to look into the workflow from rhino geometry to revit family.

Do you know if there are any other methods to transfer the geometry from rhino to revit family as a furniture category and keep the material parameter with it.

Thank you!

Ren -

By using the Sub-category component, materials can be added to forms before placing them in a Family, you can see the M input:

Rhino Inside Revit as Loadable Families Guide


And here is a peek into what we are working on for the next release, if anyone would like more material control:

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Sorry for the late reply. This is super helpful.