RHINO INSIDE REVIT - rhino to revit with object properties

Hello everyone,

We are trying to build ou revit-rhino workflow with rhino inside revit.
Things are working well for the moment.

Just have a question.
Is it possible de create a generic rhino geometry, pass it in revit and add a built in properties that allows to change the material directly inside revit ?
What i mean is that we want to select the rhino geometry in revit and be able to change it’s material properties directly inside of revit.



The brep of family has a material parameter, in able to change that in as an instance in a Revit Project you will need to make a new Material Family Instance Parameter in the Family and associate the Brep(s) Material.

Then you can change per instance in the project like you are asking.

Great, thanks for your quick answer !

So if we want to create geometries with editable revit parameters (directly in revit), it is only possible by creating families or native revit elements with grasshoper elements such as “add wall” in this tab :

Direct shapes cannot hold any sort of parameter is that correct ?


Direct Shapes can have category based instance parameters in the project, not family ones like above.

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It appears that the geometry is not loading in the revit viewport, do you know why ?

Thank you

Okay i understand.

Hard to see at that resolution, try turning the Overwrite to True. I’m assuming the family was created without the geometry originally, hence needs to be overwritten.

Here is a further question. Does this workflow only works with Closed Brep ?

I am trying send 3D terrain from Rhino to Revit, but Revit has refused to receive Rhino geometry and complained a lot about my Rhino geometries.

Since my 3D terrain is quite tricky to model, I can not ensure each block is perfectly a closed brep. Basically they are created by different pieces.

Whilst in Rhino you can use the ShowEdges command to see where it isn’t closed or has non-manifold edges.

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Thanks for the advice, Japhy. I managed to close all the breps.
However, Rhino still can not send closed brep to Revit, did I miss something ?

And if I use DirectShape component, I succeed to send geometries to Revit, but I can not modify them. Even though give the color.

DirectShape objects are not modifiable.

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Finally I got something despite some errors !

In Rhino try the selbadobjects command, you still have some really funky geometry going on. Being that its a Site the short edges need to be found and rebuilt, these can happen if you are doing lots of solid Booleans.

I think Mucahitbgoker is referring to in the Revit UI DirectShapes aren’t modifiable, with element tracking out of Gh it’s fine.

I’m not having any issues updating materials. Can you be more specific? Its hard to tell from your image.

color change

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Yes, I was referring to modifying DirectShapes in UI.

I have modeled a 3D land in Rhino which indicates the pollution condition of each part. Now I am trying to send these geometries to Revit along with their colors.

Thanks to your advice, I do find a bad object that I never know its existence.
Despite all the geometries are closed brep, Revit receives nothing by using DirectShape, it receives part of the geometries by using NewComponentFamily.
Test_Rhino-Revit.zip (5.1 MB)

Finally I got all the geometries with colors.

Here are some experiences:

Despite all the brep are closed, no problems with Selbadobjects ExtractbadSrf either, Revit can still refuse the Rhino geometries.

Then I exploded the geometry and found some surfaces which only made by one single line. So I deleted them and redo the geometry, then I succeed to send them to Revit.
ref : Fixing Bad Objects [McNeel Wiki]

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