Rhino Inside Revit Material Parameter

Does anyone know of a way to apply a material to a geometry brough to revit rhough rino. There are too many faces to paint, so I would like to apply it to the entire object.

If you use a DirectShape component ByGeometry you can apply a Revit materiel to the objects:


Let’s suppose that I create a Revit family (furniture) with Rhino.inside by adding a geometry with a material applied to it.
Then I share the family to another guy; can him change the material to the elements of the family? Or have I to create a family parameter into Revit? Is there a workflow to do it?

You need to create a Family Material parameter and tie that to the material parameter of the created object. Currently there are no components in Rhino.Inside.Revit to support this.

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The problem is that I don’t have the possibility to assign a parameter since it is a direct shape object.
Or am I missing smth?

edit: I forget to say that I’m working with imported meshes.

edit 2 : I tried to create a Furniture family (made with breps) with the family.new component and it’s working fine.

Yes directshapes are pretty limited in Revit.